Our Story

The story of CustomGreat began in 2015. At that time, three college classmates who graduated from the California Institute of the Arts (California Institute of the Arts) were still confused and running. On the way to a party one year after graduation, the three saw a A street artist is using a paint spray gun to paint a pattern on a damaged wall. Instead of using paint to cover up the damaged wall, the street artist introduces the damaged wall into the painted pattern. This way of painting makes three The art students instantly felt the wonderful other side of art design. Immediately, the three of them hit it off and tried to integrate the patterns they designed into daily products, and soon got the approval of friends, classmates and relatives around them. Paul, one of the co-founders Walker said, "Incorporating original and unique pattern design elements into daily products is something they did not expect at the beginning. For independent designers or artists, CustomGreat is a good opportunity to publicize their achievements. For those who want to give This is a rare place for someone who cares about a unique and meaningful gift that is different from the ubiquitous gifts on the market”