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What can we do for you?
CustomGreat is an original and comprehensive customization website. We provide an all-round open platform for art creators and designers with unique ideas from all over the world. Integrate their artistic achievements into products and display and promote them to the world.
Customers of CustomGreat can find the latest original and unique patterns on the website, they are customized on different products, no matter it is any festival or any occasion, there are suitable products that can be used as a unique gift for you people who care.
1. If you are an idea designer and want to show your artistic achievements and get paid
2. If you are our customer and want to send a unique gift to someone you care about

Our products and processes:
In CustomGreat has a top and professional craftsman team. You can enjoy advanced craft products and services.
·Our professional designer team will use C4D, PS and other software for 4D rendering and image modeling, 100% restore the texture and texture of the pattern. From our chief designer Cap Rossi - "Our professional operation is In order to better restore and show the soul of the original pattern”
·We use the self-developed UV universal flatbed printer (digital printing machine) for printing customized product patterns, and use KM512 Konica nozzles imported from Japan with double-row ink inlet tubes. The uniform flow pressure has a leading advantage in the industry and can Efficiently guarantee the printing quality, and the fully enclosed nozzle can prevent ink leakage from affecting the printing texture.
·In the selection of product supply, we have close cooperation with the suppliers of Amazon's self-operated products. Blankets, T-shirts, mugs, tapestries, pillowcases, hats, etc. all meet FDA standards.
We have set up overseas warehouses in the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries and have close cooperation with major logistics and transportation companies around the world (UPS, USPS, DHL, Fedex). The semi-automated production and distribution workshop is more efficient to ensure the speed and accuracy of shipments.